SHUT IT DOWN – Rallies and Protests in wake of the Ferguson Decision

Tonight’s scheduled has been postponed to December 1st in light of the Ferguson decision to not press charges against killer cop Darren Wilson

Roll out to these important actions happening today:

Noon – 3:00pm: Rally at CCNY organized by the Black Student Union, Students for Justice in Palestine at CCNY and the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee.

5pm- late – Rally at Union Square and beyond

#ShutItDown #IndictAmerica #NeverLovedUs




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Campaign Meeting Tonight!


Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Center Campaign Organizing & Planning Meeting In Harlem!

Featuring An Exclusive Video Message From Cuba By Guillermo & Assata!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
7pm – 9pm SHARP!

@ Harlem’s ANSWER Coalition Center

2295 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
(bet. 135th-134th Street)


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October 20th Day of Action!

Monday October 20th will mark one year that the center has been in exile.

We will be having a Press Conference 11am at the Harlem State Office building on 125th St. and Adam Clayton Powell, and from the State Office Building folks will be marching to the City College Administration Building. (160 Convent Ave).
We will be rallying at the administration building from 1pm to 5pm. Please, if you can make the rally come by! This is the link to the facebook event. All organizations are welcome. We are also looking for folks with radical knowledge to submit teach-ins and workshops to broaden campus consciousness. If you would like to participate, fill out the form here and we will get back to you.

We will be tweeting under the hashtag #savemscc. If you would like to volunteer to help with the protest, please send an email to
If you cannot come to the rally, we are also asking people to make phone calls to administration from 10am to 5pm. We encourage you to speak to the following:

James Milliken – the CUNY Chancellor. Even though he is new he still needs to be held accountable for still honoring the CUNY Central descision to shut down the center.
Phone: 646.664.9100 Fax: 646.664.3868

President Lisa Staiano-Coico – City College President who walked out of meetings with community members and club leaders. Who will not publicize roundtable discussions for students. Who despite all of the tears, has not and will not give us a space controlled by students and community members.
p: 212.650.7285 f: 212.650.7680

VP of Student Affairs Juana Reina – CCNY administrator who also refuses to meet with us. Who has on record lied numerous times about her knowledge of the center, despite meeting with club leaders regularly from the Center. She also controls the space that is currently occupying the Morales Shakur Center, now the Office of Career and Professional Development. p: 212.650.5426 f: 212.650.7080 e:

Diedra Hill – VP of Communications and Marketing who in numerous press releases has lied about her knowlege of the center, the nature of the protests, and individuals associated with the center.
p: 212.650.5310 f: 212.650.7584 e:

The Director of Public Safety John McKee – who has authorized excessive force used on student and community protestors. p. 212.650.7997 e.

Thank you so much for supporting our struggle!
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1 Year Anniversary

Save The Date & Pass The Word!


“Assata Shakur – Guillermo Morales Day” 

In observance of The 1st Anniversary of the “illegal” October 20, 2013 CUNY/NYPD armed takeover, student arrests; theft of property; and continuing fascist occupation of The Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Community & Student Center @ CCNY in Harlem; All Morales-Shakur Center Campaign Members & Supporters will be organizing & executing “ASSATA SHAKUR-GUILLERMO MORALES DAY” in Harlem to demand that CCNY/CUNY Administratration show respect for OUR OWN Sheroes & Heroes by meeting & addressing our “10 Demands To Restore The Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Center” 

Action Schedule For The Day!

- World-Wide Targeted Communications Disruption Of CCNY Administration Begins ~ 10:00am
- Press Conference @ The Harlem State Office Building
~ 11:00am
– Assemble @ Press Conference & March To City College Administration Building
~ 12:00pm
– City-Wide Student & Community Protest Rally @ City College
- Campus-Wide Protest Action @ City College ~ 3:00pm
- City College Protest Rally Resumes @ Campus NAC Building ~4:00pm
- World-Wide Targeted Communications Disruption Of CCNY Administration  Ends ~ 5:00pm
– Protest Rally Concludes & Crowd Dispersal Begins ~ 5:30pm
- Overnight Action Begins “Those Who Say Don’t Know, Those Who Know Don’t Say” ~ 6:00pm



Visit our official website
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter @ DefendMSCenter  #SaveMSCC #CCNYShutdown #CCNY
Watch us on Youtube @ 
Morales Shakur Center


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Campaign Meeting Tonight!

All Are Welcome:


(7pm-9pm) SHARP!
“Morales-Shakur Center Campaign Fall Planning Meeting”
@ The ANSWER Center
in Harlem.
2295 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
(bet. 135th-134th Street)


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Peace! Join us at the End Of Da Summer BBQ Cookout & Hip Hop Jam!
Saturday, September 6, 2014:  (10am-8pm)
Morales-Shakur Center Campaign Members & Supporters Are Joining With The Universal Zulu Nation For A Family Fun Day Full Of Food, Music, Networking, Socializing & Brain Storming With CCNY Students & Community Organizers at our “End Of Da Summer BBQ Cookout & Hip Hop Jam” @ Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem. All Are Welcome… to join us at the 120th Street Side of the park.
(Free Admission: But Please Bring a Dish or something for the Grills or a Beverage to share)
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*ACTION* Larchmont Run Down

On Thursday, July 24th, 2014, the campaign to defend and restore the Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Community and Student Center went on a consciousness-raising field trip to Larchmont, NY. Larchmont is, of course, noteworthy for being the home of Lisa Coico, the president of CCNY who oversaw the shutdown of the center, and has been the public face of CUNY’s denial and stonewalling campaign. The July 24th action was designed to bring the Larchmont community’s attention to the issues affecting the CCNY and Harlem communities, and to ask for their solidarity in our struggle.

Larchmont is a small village of approximately 6000 people, located about a half-hour north of New York City. The per capita income of this village is about $110,000. This quiet, sheltered community may not be aware of much of the hardships facing the students and community of CCNY, but the overwhelming majority of those encountered did not hesitate to take a flier, with many asking for further information, expressing solidarity, and promising to read up on the issue. All in all, the action bringing our struggle to Larchmont’s attention must be described as an unequivocal success.

The action started on the streets outside of the Metro-North station, right next to Larchmont’s business district. Everyone involved in the action wore red and had buttons with the MSCC logo. Walking the streets of the business district, the group attracted immediate attention. It did not take long for members of the police force of Larchmont to make their first appearance. Detective sergeant James Cristiano approached the group, claiming the police had received calls about handbills being distributed. Given that there was already a squadron of uniformed police waiting at the Metro-North entrance on the opposite side of the station, it seems unlikely that he needed such calls. Sergeant Cristiano proceeded to proclaim with confidence that nobody by the name of Lisa Coico lives in Larchmont. Finally, he announced that if the group insisted on handing out fliers, there were strict ordinances in place as to where it was and was not allowed to engage in
flier distribution. He failed to clearly outline said ordinances, and had to return to correct himself on at least one point. Before leaving, he reassured that if there were any questions, one could simply flag him down, because, as he said, “I’ll be around.” Throughout the action, police officers followed the group either by car or on bicycle.

This heavy police presence did not impede the action. Proceeding along the streets of Larchmont’s business district, members of the group continued to give out leaflets and speak with people, who, it must be reiterated, were overwhelmingly supportive of the issues being raised. Several said that they stand with us, while others commended the plan to march on president Coico’s house if she refuses to meet with the campaign. The group finished by handing out fliers at a concert that was going on in nearby Flint Park.

Though the group of activists was small, the effect the action had on the town was clear. While the people of the town supported our demands, the police were visibly perturbed, and their heavy presence attests to how uncomfortable they are with political action upsetting the daily rhythm of the community. We went to Larchmont to bring attention to the issues of the Morales-Shakur Center, and to let Larchmont know that if President Lisa Coico fails to act, we will be back, in much larger numbers. The fact that the community is supportive bodes well for the future; the fact that the police are so concerned should remind us all that we can and must push our struggle forward. Imagine how concerned they will be if and when our community shows up en masse!

The lesson, as always, is to make your voice heard. Defend and restore the Morales-Shakur Center! All Power to the People!

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